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Join the EcoRevolution and Reduce CO2 Emissions with Sustainable Transport

Green Your Commute, Save the Planet!

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Problems we solve

Sustainable Lifestyle

The app encourages a shift towards sustainable living by influencing users to make greener commuting choices, fostering a long-term commitment to eco-friendly habits.

Air Pollution

By promoting eco-friendly transport alternatives, the app directly addresses the critical issue of air pollution caused by vehicle emissions, contributing to improved air quality and public health.

Climate Change

The app plays a vital role in combating climate change by reducing CO2 emissions, which is a major driver of global warming and its associated impacts.

Health Impact

Addressing toxic emissions from vehicles helps safeguard public health, reducing the risk of respiratory diseases and other health complications linked to poor air quality.

Features and Benefits


You will see how much CO2 you saved depending on the type of transport and route


The app converts the kilos of CO2 you save into Carboncoins


Earned carboncoins can be exchanged for pleasant and necessary goods in partner stores

Why Carbonisignia?

Individual actions
Individual actions
Individual actions, such as using sustainable transport, reducing energy consumption, and supporting eco-friendly practices, play a crucial role in collectively combating climate change.
Small changes
Small changes
Small changes in daily habits, like recycling, conserving water, and reducing waste, can have a significant positive impact on the environment and climate.
Environmentally choices
Environmentally choices
By making environmentally conscious choices in our lifestyle and consumption, each individual becomes an essential part of the global effort to address the challenges of climate change.
Empowering individuals
Empowering individuals
Empowering individuals to adopt greener practices fosters a culture of sustainability, creating a ripple effect that inspires others to join the fight against climate change.
Individual responsibility
Individual responsibility
Recognizing the power of individual responsibility empowers everyone to be a proactive agent of change, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient planet for future generations.

How It Works

Track Your Progress

Simply opt for an eco-friendly ride, embark on your journey, and witness the incredible impact as you tally the CO2 savings from a single trip.

Track Your Progress

Simply opt for an eco-friendly ride, embark on your journey, and witness the incredible impact as you tally the CO2 savings from a single trip.

Join the Movement

Join the Green Revolution! Download our app today and become a driving force in protecting our planet.

By choosing eco-friendly transport, you can make a tangible impact on reducing CO2 emissions and create a sustainable future for all.

Together, let's ride towards a greener world and be the change our planet needs!

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Frequently asking question

How does the app contribute to environmental protection?
The app promotes eco-friendly transport options like bicycles and electric scooters, which significantly reduce carbon emissions, helping combat climate change.
Can I track my personal carbon footprint reduction with this app?
What kind of rewards can I earn by using the app?
Is the app user-friendly for beginners?
How secure is my data within the app?